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5 Best Winter Attractions in Boston 2022

If you’re looking to visit Boston this winter, here are the 5 best winter attractions in the city. Although winter months can be quite brutal in New England, there are still plenty of attractions that you can visit and enjoy with family and friends.


1. Ice Skating At The Boston Common

Unleash your ice skating skills on the Frog Pond in Boston Common. You will find it to be a great place to ice skate with family and friends while taking in the beauty of Boston. This beautiful pond sits in the oldest park in the United States. You can easily find parking nearby and gain access to the pond any day of the week. You can rent skates for the entire family which includes seal-shaped aids for those in your entourage who may need help finding their balance on the ice.

The beautiful Frog Pond Café is a place that you must absolutely visit.  You can stop by and sip on a cup of nice warm hot chocolate or grab some hearty comfort food on a nice cold winter’s day. The ice rink is open from November up through March. This is definitely our top favorite winter attraction in Boston!


2. Freedom Trail

If you’re looking to visit one of the best places in Boston, you will certainly want to stop by the Freedom Trail after a light snowfall. The trail runs roughly 2.5 miles through the most important historic sites in the city. Some of these sites include the Massachusetts State House, Old South Meeting House, Old State House as well as the site of the Boston Massacre.

The trail actually will lead you to Faneuil Hall where you can easily grab a bit to eat, do some shopping or even catch a show. There is so many fun things that you can do to pass the time. Also, a few steps away from Faneuil Hall you will find the world famous Quincy Market!  You can easily spend an afternoon or evening with your closest friends in the heart of Boston while eating some incredible food.


3. The Museums

If you’re looking to check out some indoor activities and step out of the cold weather for a bit, you can visit one of the top three museums in the city. In fact, Boston is home to some of the oldest museums in the country.

      1. The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum is a place that you will definitely want to check out. This iconic museum offers visitors and tourists a glimpse back in time. Actors freely roam the recreated tea ships where they entertain and educate visitors and tourists. Between the costumes and old ships, you will feel like you’ve traveled back to the year 1773.  If you stop in on December 6th, you will be able to catch the annual tea party reenactment which is certainly a must see!
      2. The Museum of Fine Arts Boston is a place where you will find some of the most breathtaking masterpieces in the United States. It’s truly an amazing place to visit. You will find fine art in every single genre. The best time to stop by and visit this amazing museum is between the months of November and March.  
      3. Boston Children’s Museum is a place where the entire family can enjoy. If you’re planning to stop by with family, it is best to schedule a time in the late morning or early afternoon to stop in. The price of admission is very reasonable and children will be able to explore bubbles in the Science Playground, create some awesome art in the Art Lab or even check out the Fantastic Forts where children can build their own castle, cave or home. There is definitely a ton that you can do while visiting this museum. 


4. Catch A Play At The Theatre District

When you enter the Boston Theatre District you enter an area where over a dozen venues host some of the most amazing plays, musicals, events and dance shows in the city. Christmas is the perfect time of year to catch a Broadway holiday musical on a cold chilly winter’s day. The Boston Opera House is definitely another location that you will want to visit. Built in 1928, you will find it to be an eye catching venue. The Colonial Theatre is another beautiful venue where you can catch a holiday musical or show.


5.  Old Town Trolley Tour

If you find yourself walking the streets of Boston on a cold snowy day, you can view some awesome sites when riding the Old Town Trolley. The Old Town Trolley is a guided tour ride which takes you all around town to some of the city’s best attractions. Expect to spend a fair amount of time on the trolley as a typical ride will last roughly 90 minutes or slightly more. The great thing about traveling on this trolley is that you can actually hop off at any of the 19 traveled stops to catch a bite to eat or do some shopping. Then you can hop back on and check out other cool attractions in the city. Weather permitting, the trolley operates 7 days a week from 9am to 4pm during the winter months.


These are a just a few winter attractions that you can catch in Boston.




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