5 Local SEO Tips to Boost Your Online Presence

If you own a business in your area, local SEO is a great way to increase your visibility. When your business ranks high in Google Maps, you can generate a lot of leads and sales for your business. Here are some tips to make your business more visible on Google:


Optimize Your Google My Business Profile

When you optimize your Google My Business profile, you’re giving Google the most accurate information possible about your business. This helps Google find the best match for users performing local searches online. The more information that you provide Google, the better chances you have that your profile will rank higher on Google Maps. Your Google My Business address must be consistent throughout all directories and online business listings. This is very important to ensure that your name, address and phone is the same on all online platforms.

When optimizing your Google My Business profile, you will want to fully complete all sections as best as possible.  You must use the exact name of your business as it appears on your signage and in the real world. If you use different names on different websites, Google may flag that as spam and you could potentially be penalized in the future.

Google’s algorithm will also consider the quality of your information when determining your ranking. Taking the time to optimize your listing will increase your local SEO rankings and improve visibility. It will also increase the chances of your business appearing in the first page of Google Search and the first page of Google Maps.


Claim Your Business Directories

If you own a business, it will be a good idea to claim your listing as many business directories as possible. Most of these directories are free and can produce a good leads for your marketing campaign. Having your business listed on directory sites such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, BBB, Chamber of Commerce, EZLocal, etc. can certainly drive more quality leads to your business.

It is recommended that you claim your business on the top 50 sites online. This will help ensure that you gain more visibility online.


Target Local Keywords

Targeting local keywords when doing SEO can be a great way to boost your website’s rankings. This can be done with the help of keyword research tools such as Google Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest. These tools allow you to analyze competitive keywords as well as their rankings. You can also use autocomplete to find popular search terms.

The first step in doing SEO is to study the search trends in your local area and complete competitor analysis. This way you can see which terms your customers are searching for in your area. This will help you target your keywords based on the location they are searching for. This will give you an idea of which keywords are relevant to your business’ industry. Targeting specific cities and towns on website pages can also be extremely valuable to your business.


Get More Customer Reviews

One of the best ways to increase your search engine rankings is to get more customer reviews. This will help you get better rankings on Google and attract more customers to your business. Reviews also help you increase the visibility of your business on social media.

Reviews left on Google My Business profile are very important because they increase your chances of being featured higher in search results on Google Maps. To get more reviews, you must develop a strategy to consistently obtain reviews on a weekly and monthly basis. Reaching out to your customers right after a service has been completed or right after they cash out of your store are the best ways to get reviews.


Create Local Content

To be successful at local SEO it is crucial to create relevant, high-quality content. This type of content is not only helpful to local businesses but it also helps in attracting customers. In order to succeed at local SEO, you must have regularly updated content that provides useful information for your target customers.

If you are a plumber, roofer, tree service company or any other local home service business, creating localized content is key. In many cases you will want to make a location page for each of the cities and or towns in your service area. The information on each location page should include the name. address, and phone number of your business along with a map embed of your Google My Business profile. The content should also highlight any special community events, activities or popular landmarks. Adding localized content will help your website rank well in local search results.


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