6 Local SEO Tips For Contractors

If you’re a local contractor and want to attract more local customers, you need to optimize your website for local searches. That means optimizing your website’s on-page elements and choosing good keywords. Here are 10 tips to help you increase your website’s local search visibility. Following these tips will help increase your chances of attracting local business.


Keep NAP Data Accurate

Maintaining the NAP data for your business is a crucial part of Local SEO. Google looks at the consistency of the company’s details, such as name, address, and phone number, to determine its legitimacy. Make sure your NAP data is consistent across all directories, web pages, social media profiles, and blog posts. The more accurate and consistent your NAP data is, the better.

It is also important to audit your business listings and update your NAP data on them. Using Google’s search function, you can see the number of citations your business has on the web. While Google provides the most unrestricted access to this information, it is not the only place you should maintain your NAP data.

Keep NAP data consistent across all your local directories. This will give your company a more professional and trustworthy appearance in Google searches. If you have duplicate listings, close them. Incorrect NAPs will make Google suspect of your business. It can also impact your rankings on Google Maps.


Optimize Your Website

It is important to optimize your website so that visitors can easily find your business online. This will result in improved lead generation and conversion rates. Besides, a mobile-friendly site will be a good addition to your brand identity. Moreover, your website should be fast to load without irritating visitors. In addition, it must be technically optimized, since this will help search engines understand the content. Including such things as a sitemap and schema on your website.

Aside from having the right content, your website should have relevant images that show the identity of your company. This will help visitors retain the information about your business. In addition, it will help showcase your best projects. For example, many contractors use before-and-after photos to show the transformation in a customers home. For this reason, it is necessary to use high-quality images and optimize them for speed.

While general contractors still rely on traditional marketing methods such as radio ads and billboards, the benefits of SEO for local contractors are much greater. This method of online advertising is more targeted and cheaper than traditional marketing methods. With SEO, contractors experience more website traffic, which translates to more business.


Get Business Citations

Getting business citations is a major part of local SEO for contractors. Citations help increase your visibility in local search, establish credibility, and help generate more leads and sales. The key is to make sure your citations are accurate. Your business’s NAP information should be the same across all directories, which not only improves your ranking in Google Maps, but also verifies the data you provide within Google’s crawling algorithm. You can get these citations organically or hire a service to do it for you.

One of the fundamental building blocks of local SEO for contractors is a Google My Business page. While some contractors may only submit information about their primary business category, it is a great idea to add as much information about your services as well. This will allow your business profile to appear for a broader range of search terms, while still giving prospective customers the information they need to make the right decision.

It is important to get business citations on local directories. This way, Google will be able to verify the location of your business. You can also optimize your Google My Business listing with photos, videos, and detailed information. Besides the Google My Business listing, you can also list your business with online directories.


Get More Google Reviews

If you have a website, there is a way to get more Google reviews. You can start collecting reviews by sending out personal emails, or you can automate the process by using an automated platform. A good tool to use is the Local SEO Digital Marketing Ninja tool by SMT Digital Solutions.

This makes it easy for your customers to leave a review, and is also beneficial for your business’s reputation online. You can also send text messages after a customer has purchased a service or product from you using the Local SEO Digital Marketing Ninja tool. If you receive negative reviews, consider responding to them with a friendly response, or by asking the reviewer to delete or edit their review.

Make sure you’re polite when asking customers to write reviews for your company on Google. If you can, link reviews to specific events, repeat purchases, or other relevant criteria. You should also include links that allow customers to post a review in one click. If you have a website, you can place these links anywhere on your site.


Add Quality Images To Your Website

One way to get your website ranked high is to add high-quality images to your website. But be aware that too many high-resolution images will make your website slow and discourage users. Another tip for contractors is to compress your images before placing them on your website.


Embed Your Business Youtube Video On Your Website

When using YouTube, it’s important to include your business’ NAP and website URL. Google algorithms can recognize these elements and rank pages based on them. Also, make sure to include your business’s phone number and address in the audio. Google can create a text transcript of the video, so it’s important to include these details.

Embedding a video on your website also helps you get more click-through rates. Videos are useful for increasing the length of sessions, converting prospects, and educating customers. You can also add a video to your GMB listing to educate customers and convert them. You should include the location and category of your business in the description. Another important strategy is using tags to optimize your videos. YouTube has been using these for years, and using the right tags can help your video rank higher.

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