Best Business Practices for HVAC Companies




10 Best Practices For HVAC Business Owners


1. Employee Engagement

There are some studies and research which actually shows that more than 70% of employees are disengaged in their work. You might say to yourself why is this important. The fact of the matter is that employees who are disengaged tend to not care whether the company they work for succeeds or fails. Whether its your front end staff or field technicians who are disengaged, it doesn’t matter. This can actually really hurt your company image as well as your brand. The key is to find what truly motivates your employees and find out what truly drives them. Keeping your employees happy actually has a direct correlation to the success of your HVAC business.


2. Consider Having Flexible Work Policies

In today’s era, employees wanted to be treated like adults. What you give you shall receive in return. Treat them with respect and they will treat you with respect. More and more companies nowadays that are opting for more flexible work policies, especially in the wake of COVID. Having flexible hours if possible or allowing your front desk staff to work remotely can have a great impact of morale. Having a better work life balance has been shown to not only improve productivity but has also been shown to improve morale. As an HVAC business you may actually end up saving money on your commercial space leases.


3. Be A True Leader

Being a leader these days is less about supervising and telling employees what to do and more about helping them work through problems. If you jump in and show your HVAC technicians how hard you work and that you truly care about their well-being, it could actually have a tremendous impact on morale. You should always lead by example and walk the talk. Your employees will really appreciate and respect your for that.


4. Have An Open Management Style

Having an open management style will allow your team the freedom to come to you with concerns, issues and new ideas. Employees love to share there input as well as new ideas. They also like to know that they can be honest with you about concerns and issues that they may be having. A business owner or manager who acts as an enforcer is old school. That sort of management style isn’t as effective nowadays. Embrace an open management style and have an open door policy. Don’t keep secrets from your employees. Keep them in the know. By having an open management style you will actually empower your team to be creative and think outside the box.


5. Reward Achievement

By rewarding your employees for a job well done, whether it be your sales team, technicians or office staff, it can have a significant impact on their performance. The majority of employees want to do a good job. Being praised or recognized for reaching a goal or milestone will have a major impact.  It can be a simple email thanking someone for their work or purchasing lunch for your team. This shows that you truly notice and appreciate the great work of your top employees.


6. Be An Effective Communicator

Learn to be an effective communicator. Be sure to be clear in your communication with employees. Every person processes information differently. In many instances when a mistake is made, poor communication could be the true root cause of the issue. Adopting a few simple communication techniques will help avoid unforeseen issues and mistakes. An example would be to have your employees communicate back to you something that you instructed them to do. This will ensure that they fully understand what is being asked of them. Don’t always assume that your message is being conveyed clearly.


7. Hold Regular Weekly Meeting With Employees

Having routine meetings each week provides structure and will keep everyone on the same page. It provides a dedicated space where your employees can bring up their concerns or voice new ideas. Routine staff meetings can be used to build trust as well as help you stay on top of small issues before they become real problems.


8. Foster an Innovative Culture

As an HVAC business owner you already know how fast paced the industry can be. New technology is constantly being developed as well as new standards and practices. Don’t be afraid to adopt new business practices or introduce new technology into your company. However, be prepared to invest in the proper training when new technology is introduced. This is especially true in HVAC where enhanced skills and training is a critical aspect of the day-to-day work. Companies that foster a culture of innovation can attract new employees entering the field.



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