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At SMT Digital Solutions, we offer cutting edge local SEO and digital marketing solutions for small businesses.  We offer custom solutions to fit the individual needs of each business that we work with.

We work closely with clients to help them develop an effective SEO and marketing strategy that best aligns to their goals.

We specialize in technical SEO which truly sets us apart from most other SEO agencies in the marketplace. Not only that, we have in-depth experience in business operations which allows our agency to develop an SEO strategy that best aligns to meet the needs of your local business.

Industries Served

We currently specialize in home service niches as well as professional medical services. Our team takes a customized approach to delivering the best quality SEO and digital marketing services to our clients.

Roofing Contractors

Roofing Companies

Concrete Services

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Dental Practices

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Group Medical Practices

Medical Practice SEO

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Delivering Exclusive Leads To Your Business That Will Allow You To Rapidly Scale.

Highly Effective SEO Strategies That Will Propel Your Website & Google My Business Page to The Top of Google.

Currently Providing Our Clients With Top Notch Website Design. 

Lead Generation For Local Businesses

Its takes more than wishful thinking to reach your goals as a business. Depending on the type of industry of your business, you may be dealing with many other competitors in your local market. Some industries and niches are dominated by a few big local businesses and many small to mid size companies. With that in mind, you must be able to identify where your business falls and more importantly, you must identify what it is that sets you apart from your competitors.

Like any smart business, you must also know what is happening in your local industry. Once you have a good grasp of your local market and understand that needs of your target audience, you can then take coordinated action to build your brand and company. Often times marketing efforts fall short due to the fact that businesses do not understand their market as well as the needs of their target audience.

Our lead generation services connect customers who are looking for a specific local service with the businesses that provide that service. Its a very straight forward approach. In many instances, newly formed businesses operate purely via referrals. Many times businesses that are looking to grow have a difficult time expanding because of a limited number of referrals.  That is where we can help, in many instances we can begin generating new customer leads within a short time frame.



With local SEO, many small businesses look to see how they can gain a competitive edge in the local market. With trends in technology and more people searching online for services via smartphones and hand devices, you need to find a way to get your business in front of people who are using these various devices.

Many customers looking for services online are simply turning to the search engines results on the first page of Google. If your business is not showing up on the first page then your straight out of luck as consumers hardly look much further for local services.

That is where we come in, our expert staff knows exactly what it takes to get businesses to rank at the top of the search engines, not only in organic but also in the map listings.

SEO Service Options

Start-Up Plan

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Per Month

Ideal for small local businesses just starting out in less competitive markets. 

Professional Plan

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Per Month

Ideal for established local businesses in mid level competitive markets. 

Super Nitro Plan

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Per Month

Ideal for many medium sized companies in mid level to highly competitive markets. 

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