Lead Generation for HVAC companies in 2021


Get More HVAC Leads in 2021

Lets face it, HVAC marketing can be very expensive these days. Learning how to get HVAC leads can also be difficult and time consuming. Having a strong internet marketing strategy in 2021 for your HVAC business can make your HVAC business run more profitably. Marketing your business online is one of the most effective ways to obtain leads from consumers who are desperately seeking your services. Not to mention leveraging social media. In fact, since the COVID pandemic social media has been a flourishing platform for local business. Customers are online searching reviews on social media as well as Google.


New HVAC Companies

For those HVAC companies looking to get things started, social media and local SEO is where you should start. Building a website along with a Google My Business page is paramount. Both will be a tremendous investment into the future of your HVAC company. Showing up ono Google search engines can generate a tremendous number of leads. The key is to ensure that your focus your SEO efforts on your Google My Business page and also have surrounding cities included as subpages on your website. Be sure to grow your customers reviews on your Google My Business page. You can use various plug ins that will pull in your customers reviews into your website.


HVAC Businesses Looking To Scale

If you are looking to grow your HVAC business from 6 figures to 7 figures, passively waiting for customer referrals just isn’t going to cut it. The sad truth is that most HVAC companies still only rely on word of mouth referrals and paper ads. That might work okay if you’re a one man show. However, lets be real, your HVAC business is likely not making high 6 figures if you’re a one man show. For those HVAC business owners who are serious about growing their HVAC business by attracting more customers, the truth is that digital marketing, social media, local SEO, email marketing and reputation management (customers reviews) are the areas you will need to focus on to grow to 7 figures.


Marketing Your Business The Right Way | HVAC Leads

Lead generation and pay-per-click advertising can both work early on when you are first starting your HVAC business. Both of these forms of advertising can generate customer leads very quickly which can then lead to more sales. However, you will want to focus on obtaining exclusive leads only. The reality is that most marketing agencies that offer these services to various local businesses tend to not be good. Basically they share leads with multiple companies and you are unable to build your email list for your company because you don’t own the data.


Ideally you will want to move away from services such as Home Advisor and Angie’s List once you get established. When that point comes you will want to build a long term strategy for your business which includes having an SEO optimized website and email marketing list. There are many automation tools and CRM platforms which HVAC business owners can leverage to really grow their business.


In fact, our agency SMT Digital Solutions has an all-in-one software solution which is truly a powerful platform. You can manage prospects, manage customer reviews, run ppc and email campaigns, use HVAC lead tracking as well as install our web chat on your website. There is also much more than we offer and our software solution alone is extremely powerful and very affordable for any HVAC company.


HVAC | Paid Marketing

When it comes to HVAC marketing you can run Google Ads as well as run social media campaigns. Customers are constantly looking online for HVAC services. You must be sure you have a very clear marketing strategy in place or you could end up spending a lot of money for little return. You will want to focus your marketing efforts on high ticket services to customers looking for those services. This will make the most of your marketing spend.


Advertising On Facebook | HVAC

Consider the fact that your target market is already on Facebook. There are currently 2.7 billion monthly active users on Facebook. The fact of the matter is that all you need to do is tap into the right audience and demographic and you can essentially take your HVAC business to new heights. With the amount of user data available, you can identify your ideal audience and begin targeting those users.


Although many marketing agencies know how to advertise on Facebook, by no means does it make them good at it. Agencies that primarily advertise on the platform in one particular industry, such as ours, tend to be better at running successful ad campaigns. By running successful campaigns, HVAC companies can expect to attract customers who are more than will to pay for their services.


SEO | Marketing

You must keep in mind that once you get a website, you will want to invest in some sort of SEO that you can afford each month. The ideal website (content management system that you should probably look to get is WordPress. It’s simple and easy and most agencies utilize WordPress. You may want to stay away from content management systems such as WIX.


Email Marketing

Running email marketing campaigns along with text and voicemail campaigns can be very effective over time. Reaching out to potential customers and repeat customers regarding your service offering through email campaigns can help nurture customers through the buying journey. With any HVAC company that is looking to scale their business to 7 figures, email marketing should certainly be something that you incorporate into your marketing strategy.


Reputation Management

Reputation management is very important for HVAC companies looking to grow their business. Nowadays, over 70% of customers who shop online for local services will first look to customer reviews. Generally, most customers will search Google My Business, Yelp as well as other online sources for positive customer reviews. It is important to maintain positive reputation management and therefore HVAC companies should routinely look online to assess what customers are saying about their company and services.


In closing, HVAC companies in 2021 who are interested in growing their business have many options available to them. What it all comes down to is what strategy you wish to implement based the needs of our business and stage of your business.


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