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HVAC Omnipresence Across Multiple Platforms

Many HVAC business owners struggle to understand the power and impact that omnichannel marketing can have on their business. As many businesses have experienced over this past year, there has been a greater shift towards HVAC digital marketing. If you are not sure what omnichannel marketing means, no need to worry! We will break it all down in this post. There are actually very few agencies who actually deploy this strategy for local home service based businesses. This is mainly because businesses who utilize this strategy typically have a marketing budget of 4-5 figures per month. However, what we are about to cover with our unique strategy will not require a large marketing budget in order to successfully deploy.

Omnichannel marketing is basically when you market a businesses across multiple channels. Channels can include social media, Google, Youtube, email, radio, television and online (websites, funnels, etc.). It typically requires a large marketing budget to deploy. However, HVAC businesses running at a annual revenue of $500,000+ can implement our strategy. Our strategy utilizes 6 channels and can work very well when done correctly.


The HVAC Omnichannel Strategy

Before covering what is needed in order to implement this strategy, understand that this strategy is implemented in phases. It also works best for HVAC businesses who understand that over time their return on investment will continue to increase. This strategy includes both paid and organic forms of marketing.  There is also 2 social media platforms used in this strategy which are Facebook and Instagram. Here are the channels and assets that we will cover.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Google My Business
  • Website/Funnels
  • Email

When using organic channels it typically will take more time and effort to gain more traffic and customers to your local business. Also organic traffic is not typically predictable or consistent. Search engine optimization will be needed in order to rank a business website and Google M Business page higher on organic and local search. These two digital assets/properties are extremely important to have. An customer email list will also be extremely beneficial to have. Over time an email list is of great value to an HVAC business or any other local businesses.  An email list can be utilized to target previous clients to have them opt into service and maintenance agreements. You can even run promos to your email list.

When it comes to getting new prospects, you can run one time promos to help build your list as well. There is a wide variety of customer relationship management platforms that are currently available in the marketplace.  Many have their own unique features but all allow users to store customer and prospect information. Our agency actually developed our own CRM system specifically for HVAC businesses which fully supports the HVAC omnipresence channel marketing strategy that we are discussing here.


HVAC SEO Services


HVAC Omnipresence Strategy Phase I

In phase I focus will be on building out a business website, Google My Business page and launching a Facebook Ads campaign. In the first one to four months, primary focus will be on search engine optimization as well as Facebook Ads. SEO is greatly dependent upon multiple factors including competition as well as the size of a local market. Our agency has experienced that it typically takes six to nine months to see sustained organic results from a successful SEO campaign.

Throughout at that time, a business want to work on further optimizing for better lead quality on Facebook Ad campaigns. A Facebook tracking pixel should be placed on the business website as well as other online Google properties, forms, funnels, etc. This will allow an HVAC business to setup Facebook retargeting campaigns which can be powerful. Retargeting previous visitors to business website can bring better quality prospects to a business.


HVAC Omnipresence Strategy Phase II

In the second phase, focus will be on building an Instagram page, email list and setting up a Youtube ad campaign. Now we should point out that in this phase you will begin building out an Instagram page and posting relevant posts routinely. The most effective and important component to building out an Instagram page is to post regularly at times when your followers are active on the platform. It should also be noted that it is ideal to put up engaging posts and videos.

At the time of this post, our team has reported that Instagram Reels provide the highest organic reach on the platform. Reels are short videos that are one minute or under. An Instagram business profile should be properly optimized and should also include a website link or link tree. If a link tree is used, no more than four links should be placed on the link tree. Having too many link options can deter potential customers.

At this point, emails should be collected from online website forms, Facebook lead forms and funnel pages. Ideally it will be best to store customer emails and contact information in a CRM system. This will allow a business to easily launch email campaigns at specific intervals throughout a year. If done correctly, email campaigns can be leveraged in way that can provide consistent business throughout the year.

Lastly, a Youtube Ads campaign should be launched. Now we would like to point out that Google Ads is an alternative option for running local ads on an organic platform. Many HVAC local businesses can thrive on running Google Ads but it often comes at a high cost. Youtube ads for local HVAC businesses can bring in some great results for a fraction of the cost to running Google ads.


In Summary

The HVAC omnichannel strategy that was covered in this post will certainly allow an HVAC business to have a greater success with marketing campaigns. Over time this strategy can be highly effective and in turn can deliver some incredible results.  Results that may actually require far less of a marketing budget to support.




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