Local SEO is the lifeblood for local business targeting local customers effectively online. You must focus your efforts on what it takes to rank your business online locally. This is where you brand could potentially become a highly valued asset by consumers looking for your goods or services.

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO ensures that your business shows up in the search engines for people searching locally for the same products or services that your business delivers. If someone in Chicago IL where to be searching for a plumber in Chicago IL, you would want your plumbing company to show up when someone searches for that term.

Local SEO employs a series of sophisticated strategies to rank your business high on Google locally.

In essence the goal of Local SEO is to rank high locally for the search terms that would bring customers closest to a point of sale for your business.


Do you know how to rank locally on Google?

Well let’s bring you in on a little well known secret. Local SEO relies heavily on establishing a strong local presence using your Google My Business page. You will need to learn the skills to begin mastering local on page and off page SEO. We will break down some Pro Tips on what you should do when setting up your Google My Business page.


For more information on how to set up a Google My Business page, check out this video!!

Pro Tips When Setting Up Your Google My Business Page

Okay, let’s jump right into what you need to know when setting up your Google My Business page for success. Keep in mind that everything related to your Google My Business page which matters most is targeting customers locally and having plenty of good customer reviews. For companies that put in the necessary efforts to strengthen their local digital footprint including their customer reviews, they will certainly benefit greatly!


Local SEO Basics

At the very least you will need to completely fill out all of the sections under the info section on your Google My Business page. You will want to include at least 20 surrounding cities that your business serves if your company serves customers at their residence or location. You will want to select the primary category which best describes the services that your business offers.

You will want to ensure that your address is correct and that you include each of your primary business services along with a brief description of each. You will also want to validate that your business hours listed are indeed correct and match your other online assets.


Advanced Local SEO Tactics

There are three advanced local SEO tactics which we have found to yield good results for the majority of the local sites and assets that we’ve tested. These tactics will surely help you get a leg up on your local competitors.

        1. Look up your top three keywords that you would like your GMB (Google My Business) to rank for. Take those keywords and search the top local businesses that show up on your local search. Take the number of reviews in total for the top ten local businesses and divide by ten to arrive at the baseline number of reviews that you will need for you GMB.
        2. Upload at least 12 business photos. You will want to include 1-2 photos of team members and one picture with a company logo on a building or company truck. Before uploading your photos onto your GMB, you will want to change the EXIF data to include all of the keywords that you are targeting for your business. Be sure to include at least 50 keywords. For more information on how to edit EXIF data, check out this article –> EXIF Data.
        3. Post frequently and include videos. Another known tactic which can yield some great results is by posting to your local GMB at least twice a week. You will want to include videos over time which can really make for an added boost to local interest in your area.

Local Business Citations

Local business citations are often overlooked by many local businesses. To improve the visibility of your business within a local geography you will want to submit your business to the most prominent business directories including niche specific directories.

You will want to submit your business to at least thirty high DA general business directory sites. By doing so it will provide a direct backlink to your website or GMB that is truly valuable. You will next want to focus on 10 niche specific directory sites as well. This is also an important factor which can affect your Google My Business in some regard.


Other Important Local SEO Factors

Be sure to list your business on sites such as Yelp and other customer review focused sites. These sites can certainly help build a stronger local presence. In most cases you will not need to enlist in the advertising services as the free listings should suffice. Another important factor these days is that most businesses will also want to have a Facebook business page, Linked business page and Twitter business page.

By employing the tactics that we outlined above you will be well on your way to ranking higher on Google. By ranking higher on Google your business will certainly benefit locally from more local business. Local business which can certainly provide your business with a steady stream of revenue.


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