Local SEO for HVAC Businesses





Local SEO for HVAC Companies

When it comes to local SEO for your HVAC business, there are a few fundamental things that you will want to do to improve the presence of your business online. The days of advertising in the yellow pages and paper are far gone. If you truly want to succeed as an HVAC business in 2021, your business will need to have a strong online presence.


Here are some helpful stats to keep in mind.

– 97% of consumers go online to find local services
– 82% of smartphone user use a search engine such as Google and Bing to find a local business online.
– 46% of all Google searches ae looking for local information online
– 97% of people learn more about a business online than anywhere else
– 61% of mobile searches are more likely to contact a local business if they have a mobile friendly onsite

This information alone should be enough to further convince you and leave no doubt in your mind about the importance of having a strong online business presence.


Here is a list of the basics that you will want to have covered when starting to lay down the foundation for building a strong online presence.

1. Google My Business & Bing for Business Page
2. List Your Business on a minimum of 25 business directory sites
3. Social Media Business Pages – Facebook Business Page, Instagram Business Page, LinkedIn
4. Website


Google My Business & Bing Places For Business

As more and more consumers search online for local services, having a Google My Business page and Bing Places for Business page is critical. Currently Google owns roughly 80% of search volume with Bing coming in at second with close to 20%.

Bing is like an untapped search engine for HVAC business owners who primarily serve residential customers. Once you get your Google My Business page up and running, you will want to setup your Bing Places for Business page as well. It will be very important to properly optimize each in order to gain better visibility in the search results.

Business Directory Sites

When it comes to business directories you will certainly want to list your business on 25 directories. By listing your business on these business directories it will actually help to build more online trust for your business which is a Google ranking factors.

With most business directories online you can include a link to your website which is another great way to drive more traffic to your company website if you have one. Out of the 25 business directories you will want to be sure to have your HVAC business listed on the following 10 sites for sure. It will also be highly important to ensure that you have the same business name, phone and business address listed on all of these directories.

– Yelp
– Hotfrog
– Foursquare
– Manta
– CitySquares
– Yellowpages
– TripAdvisor
– Porch
– Merchant Circle
– Tupalo
– 2findlocal.com


Social Media Business Pages

You will want to have your social media business pages setup and fully optimized to drive more inquires to your business. Your Facebook business page will certainly be the more important to have set up correctly followed by Instagram and LinkedIn. Each platform is different when it comes to fully leveraging the visibility of your business online.

If you service commercial customers, having your LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn business page properly set up and optimized will be something you want to do. The key with all social media business pages is that you must be active on these platforms to really leverage the impact that they can have on your business. 

If your business typically posts 2-3 blog posts a week than you can certainly make your life easier by utilizing an app like Zapier to link your website blog posts to each of your social media business pages. This is a great way to automatically push out your website blog content to your social media business pages. Not to mention, it helps drive more organic traffic to your website.


If you’re an HVAC business operating in 2021 and you still don’t have a website then you need to get one!! You can’t expect your business to be taken serious if you don’t at least have a website. For those who already have a website, you will want to be sure that your website is functioning properly on the search engines.

You will want to complete an onpage audit of your site to look for things that might be hurting your search rankings. Make sure you don’t have any broken links and that all pages that need to be redirected are properly redirected.

There are many other onpage items that will need to be reviewed and appropriately optimize for based on the findings of your onpage audit.  If you want to learn more about local SEO for your HVAC business, you can certainly contact our team by Clicking Here.


In conclusion

When it comes to local SEO, online searches by consumers looking for local services has increasingly grown year over year. It is absolutely important to ensure that your business has a strong online presence if you really want to grow your HVAC company in 2021. Using the information covered in this post will help you to improve the presence and authority of your business online.



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