How To Design An Outstanding Website


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The main objective of website design is to unify all information blocks and to create a pleasant impression on users who visit the site. In fact, the design determines the general style of your website and helps the visitor understand at first glance what the site is about. A well-designed site is one of the most important factors that impacts user experience.


When developing the design of a website, you should ask yourself the following questions:

What type of visual design would appeal to my target audience?

What type of graphic design and color palette would look best?

What sort of content images should I have on my site?


The Four Basic Pillars Of Web Design


1. Design Strategy – if the user does not understand their purpose when visiting your site than this will likely have a negative impact on your bounce rate and overall user experience. Therefore, the design of a site must clearly inform the visitor where he or she has arrived.

2. Ease of Use – ease of use covers areas from download speed to browsing ease of use to search availability. These are the most important factors when determining the ease of use.

Know your user level, a general ecommerce site would look very different compared to a local tree service site. Users visiting an ecommerce site would typically find more imagery and bright colors very appealing.

3. Common Site Structure Design and Common Menu Layouts – if a user does not know how to navigate via the menu and content on your site, they may very likely get frustrated and leave your site all together. Users typically make decisions very quickly once they arrive on a site.

4. Do Not Over Complicate Things – many of us by nature have a tendency to over complicate things at times. When designing a site, in many instances a simple site design and simple layout may work best.


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A good designed website will look professional, polished and clean. For instance, a local company website should proudly display their brand name and users should feel a sense of trust when visiting the site. Including such things as a privacy policy page and terms of use page will let users know that your site is trustworthy.

Company sites should also include information that users would find useful. The quality of the content on site is paramount. Readability and usefulness as mentioned earlier are two very important factors. Choosing the ideal font style and size along with background color can have a great impact on user experience.




If you are an entrepreneur looking for a web design agency to design your company website, than you must ensure that you convey exactly what you want your site to look A good website will be visually attractive, user friendly and will provide useful information to its users. Business owners should understand what the intent of their site is as well as know how to best satisfy the informational needs of site visitors.

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