HVAC Marketing Strategies in 2021

Top Marketing Strategies for HVAC Businesses in 2021

When it comes to HVAC marketing, contacting prospects in your local area should be part of your local marketing strategy. There is no doubt that having a strong local online presence is absolutely critical to the success of any HVAC company. With that in mind, HVAC companies should focus on the following key areas as part of their marketing strategy. SEO and lead generation.


SEO And How It Can Generate More Business for HVAC Companies

In today’s fast past world, technology is defining how things work each and everyday. Having a business website and Google My Business is no longer an option but a requirement. A website is a key marketing factor for every HVAC business. Having a website will help establish your presence, build your client trust as well as convert prospects into real customers. However, just having a business website isn’t enough these days to help you generate enough leads for your business. It is imperative that your website ranks well on Google and Bing.

With that in mind, most local markets are quite competitive in the HVAC space and therefore investing in SEO is needed if you want to compete. Not only that, having a Google My Business and Bing Places for Business should also be included as part of your marketing strategy. Often times, business owners fall short in fully investing in strategy that will certainly yield great results. Instead, many business owners look at SEO as an expense and not investment and there in itself lies the problem.

Here are some facts to keep in mind. The HVAC industry is expected to grow 3.1% over the next decade. A business website acts as an engagement tool for close to 64% of customers. Even more importantly, 60% of customers admit to judging the creditability of a business based on the design of their website.

What is rather alarming is that more than 80% of HVAC companies do not know how to properly market their business. Many companies still believe in marketing their HVAC business via traditional marketing channels such as television, radio and newspaper. This is why many fail in their marketing efforts and achieve lack luster results.

It is absolutely important that every HVAC business look beyond those channels. Companies should certainly adopt a digital marketing strategy that includes SEO as it will surely pay off in the long run.


How Lead Generation Can Bring More Business To HVAC Companies Quickly

So the question is how can an HVAC company increase their leads leads day in and day out. The majority of HVAC companies still only rely on word-of-mouth marketing and paper ads. Business owners can look to online lead generation to begin generating leads very quickly. Google Ads and Facebook Ads are by far the two best online marketing channels when it comes to HVAC leads.

The key with running a successful lead generation marketing campaign is that you will need to invest appropriately.  If you serve a big city you should expect to invest heavily because big cities tend to have more competition. If you serve a small city you may need to look beyond the boarders of that city. The reason being is that you will likely run into the issue of not generating enough leads to make your marketing efforts worth while.

A successful marketing tactic that can work for your HVAC business would be to target a wider audience at first. Once you are able to dial in your Google Ads or Facebook Ad campaigns you can then target specific work such as AC installs or furnace installs. Using this approach can certainly work well but as with any marketing campaign you will need to test things out.


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