The world of SEO is consistently changing and evolving. Given that many agencies may be able to adapt to change rather quickly as a result of first hand knowledge. Many business owners struggle to keep up with the marketing efforts. After all, most business owners spend the majority of their time running the operations of their business.

Most business owners don’t have the time to learn and implement advanced SEO strategies. Heck, most don’t have the time to learn the basics. This is why many opt to hire an SEO agency to work on their website. Having a highly experienced and highly knowledgeable staff are two important factors to consider when deciding to hire an SEO company.

Whether or not you hire an SEO company to take care of your local SEO, below are five simple hacks which will get you results. If you follow these hacks they can indeed give you a boost to your Googe My Business maps listing.


Top Five Simple SEO Hacks


  1. Be sure to completely fill out your info tab on your Google My Business page.
  2. Be sure to have your business citations on these top sites (Yelp, Apple, Facebook, BBB, Gravatar, YellowPages, Manta. Com, Merchantcircle.com)
  3. Be sure to have at least 12 geotagged photos uploaded to your Google My Business Page. When you geotag your photos, be sure to add your business NAP (name, address,phone) to the exif data on each photo before uploading.
  4. Create your free business site via your Google My Business dashboard.
  5. Create 2-3 short posts each week for 10 weeks and daisy chain each post to the previous post listed. This is especially important for brand new Google My Business pages.

If you follow these five simple hacks you should definitely see a boost in your Google maps rankings.   A boost can in fact give your business more visibility in local search. Not only that, it can attract more potential customers to your business who are looking for your services. I have personally tested these five hacks on multiple sites and have seen positive effects in 80% of the GMB map listings. There are also much more advanced techniques which I have tested which have shown highly favorable results.

Unfortunately those methods and techniques are not commonly shared with the public. However, we have a mastermind product which covers many of advanced local SEO techniques that are highly secretive and not readily available for public consumption. If you are interested in hearing more about our mastermind product, email me at [email protected].

As with most valuable SEO techniques and tactics, it is a pay to play sport. Techniques and strategies that have been time tested  and proven are shared in our mastermind product. We do limit the number of mastermind products we sell to ensure we keep valuable SEO techniques from the public.


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