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10 Tips on How To Increase Sales For Your HVAC Business

With just a little creativity and a little bit of effort, you can devise clear marketing strategies that will help you boost your business sales. Most business owners tend to wear multiple hats in their business. You may do some sales, some operations as well as service some customers yourself from time to time.

This may not be true if you’ve had the good fortune to grow your teams and basically move yourself out of the day-to-day HVAC work. However, whether you’re a small HVAC company or if you have a team of 30+ technicians, these tips can help you and your sales team improve your sales process.


1. Ask More Questions And Listen To Your Prospects

Often times, your prospect may not express all of there needs or know how to articulate their needs. They may also feel that certain information is not pertinent so therefore they may withhold telling you certain things. However, the more you know about their pain points or potential needs, the better chance you have of showing the value of your services.


2. Showcase The Value of Your Services

One secret on how to improve your overall sales occurs when you showcase your results from previous  customers. It allows your prospects to actually see for themselves the value of your services. It truly makes things much easier for them to make a decision to purchase your services.  Whether it be a high ticket purchase or a maintenance service contract, customer testimonials are extremely important.


3. Envision The Sale

One of the best secrets to closing more sales is assuming your prospect has already made the decision to purchase your services. The reason being is that the confidence you show will actually make it easier to build rapport with your prospect very quickly.

The funny thing about this one tactic is that your prospect won’t even realize that they’ve been sold already. It’s like they’ve already made the decision to purchase your service even before an actual estimate or purchase agreement is signed.


4. Find A Way To Stand Out

Finding an HVAC company to service a need is easier these days with access to Google and social media platforms. Prospects can simply search online or ask a few friends on Facebook. They can also quickly look up a company online and look at customer comments.

The simple fact is that you have to find a way to convey a message about your service that stands out from all the rest. This way your prospect is drawn to your company and services to solve their needs.


5. Visually Tell Your Story

Visuals can help your message become actionable. Having things like videos or high quality photos will show your prospect how your services will solve their problem. Showing such things as before and after pictures or short videos showcasing your work can help you and your sales team close more sales.


6. Overcoming Objections

To a seasoned sales pro, an objection is an opportunity to really differentiate your services from the competition. Its all about value and getting the prospect to realize that your services are of exceptional quality. Highlight the strengths of your services and have a clear reason why your services are better than your competitors. Sell them hard on the value of your services!


7. Don’t Be Afraid To Give Away Too Much Upfront

Sure, you need to be compensated for your time, knowledge and expertise. However, far too many HVAC business owners don’t provide enough education and information upfront. Think about it this way, when you offer up valuable information than you are empowering your customers. You are actually drawing them closer to your services. Don’t be scared to share valuable insight with your customer, it will only help you close more sales.


8. Understand What Truly Motivates Your Customers To Buy

Spend some time to learn what motivates your prospects. Dig deep to better understand their needs, wants, concerns and fears. Learning more about your prospects allows you the opportunity to better educate them about your services. This actually helps move them further along the sales funnel. Just remember, people only buy for two reasons. They either have a pain or have a need which must be solved. By focusing your efforts on these two things you’ll increase your chances on closing a sale.


9. Push Your Prospect To Make A Decision

If you walk away from a situation where your prospect is unsure and not ready to buy, than you are left with two options. You can either push them to make a decision or provide them with more information about your services. If you believe that your prospect has enough information to make a decision, push them to make a decision.

I’m not telling you to make a hard sale, just openly ask the prospect if they could make a decision with no strings attached. Be frank with them and let them know there will be no hard feelings. You just need them to make a decision.


10. Always Over-Deliver On Your Services

If you want to ensure that customers buy from you again or tell their friends and family about your services, over-delivering is extremely important. It doesn’t mean that you have to drastically slash your prices or give all sorts of things away for free. It could be something small that is of greater value to the customer.

By asking more questions and listening to your customer, you will be able to hone in on what is of great value to them. It could be something such as a service guarantee or reduced priced on a service/maintenance contract.

In any case, just remember that when you over-deliver you increase the chances of the person telling all of their friends and family about your great company service.



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